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Creme egg stick ice cream (7/22/16)

Purchased this product from U.A.E. The entire ice cream was melted and reduced to a mush and completely tasting of ice.  View Gripe »

Twirls (3/28/16)

I would like to know why your products are getting smaller and smaller but the price goes up? Purchased a twirl Easter egg and was surprised that they were the size they used to be was well pleased, then I buy a pack of 4 twirls and they are tiny why is this? I await your reply? Many thanks  View Gripe »

Milk Tray (2/15/16)

Why has the turkish delight chocolate been replaced with a horrible apple and cinnamon concoction. These used to be my favourite chocolates but not any more. I shall be looking elsewhere for chocolates now.  View Gripe »

All cadbury chocolate (1/9/16)

Cadbury chocolate has gone downhill. Opened a box of Milk Tray and its full of bland generic pralines and truffles. Even the hazelnut whirl has changed beyond belief. Why do you ruin everything? The 200g bars of chocolate have reduced in size and gone from a square of choc to a smaller rounded choc, that has definitely affected the taste somehow. The tubs (laughable) of roses are full of filling extracting hard caramels. Less so of the nicer, more popular soft caramels. Also, what's with the dreadful mini cream eggs in Heroes? Everything tastes cheap and I am a fully functioning chocaholic. I used to be such a fan but not anymore.  View Gripe »

Desserts with fudge (12/4/15)

The claim on the packaging was that Fudge pieces were included - this was incorrect as no Fudge was present in my wife's.  View Gripe »

Cadbury's Heros (11/30/15)

Recently bought a number of boxes of chocolates for Christmas and have found this box to be particularly badly wrapped, in some cases no wrapper, opened wrappers and a lot of chocolate crumbs, I am not very happy with this and am forwarding some photographs for your attention Please advise of any action to be taken John Hodgkinson 49 Station Road Dodworth Barnsley South Yorkshire S75 3JE  View Gripe »

Tins of sweets (11/5/15)

My family and friends were just discussing the size of the tins of roses/ celebrations and quality street each year. We are disgusted that the price has gone up each year yet the tins get smaller! What a shameful exploitation of consumers, especially at Christmas! We have all decided NOT to purchase any of these tins againand to just buy bars of chocolate or after eight, who have not reduced their sizes  View Gripe »

chocolate bar 21 grams (9/15/15)

I have just bought a small bar of chocolate from Morrisons. It used to be 21 grams in weight but found it has been reduced to 18 grams, a reduction of 3 grams or 16%, with no corresponding reduction in price. No signs saying about the reduction in size or increase in price. How do they get away with this sort of rip off. Some sort of notification would be nice, or some sort of apology. This would not happen if it was still British  View Gripe »

Roses 321g (8/8/15)

My favourite chocolate in the Roses range is the golden barrel, however on my last purchase from my local coop, there was not one golden barrel chocolate in the box, so was very disappointed and will put me off, purchasing any further boxes.  View Gripe »

Miss shapes (7/6/15)

I recently purchased a packet of miss shapes and upon eating one I bit into the chocolate and found what looked like a tooth in it which dislodged my filling and had to have it repaired  View Gripe »