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C. Wimberley Automotive Group
56081 M-51 South
Dowagiac, MI 49047
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Dealership (6/27/15)

I filed a complaint with the Consumer Complaint Agency.Com online and they were contacted and they failed to respond in a timely manner and stick to there designation in the matter of my new AC-delco battery being swapped for a smaller used Die-Hard while my used truck that I purchased from them was in there facility for servicing. numerous things as well have been removed from my vehicle over time but this proof of the activity occurring with CWimberly auto motive Group and Dennis Wimberly one of the sons was a asshole to me as well when I informed him and the Sherriff of the county is a former employee of there's in good standing with them and buys department vehicles with them( cronies.)  View Gripe »

Automotive Sales and service (6/19/15)

I purchased a 2005 4x4 Truck with extended warranty. after several servicings they swapped out my new ac-delco battery that came with the truck for a smaller used Die-hard.They've stolen motor oil from behind my seat a hitch and ball a tow strap and numerous over time snow brushes, they've tooken CD's and even hard candy and cough drops and loose change.Even my jumper cables. I belive this is a on going practice not just with them but all car sales.So make note of what you got before you leave your baby in there care. why else do they put you in a waiting room where you can't see what they are doing while they have your vehicle.Plus the local sherriff here is a former employee and buys his departments vehicles from them and coincidentially after four days after I complained my wife got two tickets for bull dung.And my wife is 61 years old and never had a ticket or accident and is a very safe driver.  View Gripe »

Car Dealership (6/12/15)

Bought used truck from them while in for servicing my new acdelco battery that came with the truck was swapped for a smaller used Diehard  View Gripe »