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Auto Repair Shop (7/5/15)

I received an estimate from an diagnosis on my 1980 Ford Thunderbird at C and S Automotive by Aurthur Church. He stated that I needed my engine replaced. I quoted a price a little over $1,700 for the engine and labor. He repair the car with in 3 days. I called C and S Automotive and explained that I was having problems with the car. One of the workers told me to bring it back in so they could take a look at it. I took it back they fixed the car the next day I picked the car up less than 24 hours the car broke down again.The diagnosis was that the key ignition needed to be replace I paid for it and a took the car again. The very next day I went to pick up went to store and the car was smoking, seem like the car did not want to move, and transmission fluid fell out the bottom of the car. The car almost caught fire. I called C and S Automotive back again they towed the car and told me that I needed a transmission. Prior, I had no problem with the transmission. I am not satisfied!  View Gripe »