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The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Bank of America are typically issues that come up during the customer service process. Getting put on hold and poor communication between the bank and its users are the two biggest sources of complaints.

The Bank of America Facebook page is primarily promotional, and places a heavy emphasis on redeeming rewards for travel deals as well as donating to various charitable organizations. They do have their "Message" button activated which means you can contact them through the Facebook chat messenger.

Bank of America has a customer service Twitter handle which is actively utilized to detect complaints and resolve conflicts.

Bank of America currently does not have a profile on Google Plus. Have a suggestion for Bank of America’s social media team? Let us know.

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Checking (1/10/17)

My account went negative 37 cents, but b/c I take care of my dying mom and can't get to the bank in 24 hours, in charged $35?? Why can't they simply reverse this charge given the extenuating circumstances? Shameful and ridiculous.  View Gripe »

Renewal of HELOC (7/20/16)

After 5 long months of application processes, B of A turned us down. During this time we repeatedly supplied them with ALL of our financial information. We have been customers with them for over 30 years, with a HELOC for the last 10. Our FICO score is in the 800 range. We pay ALL of our bills on time, have substantial assets beyond our income from Social Security, Teachers Retirement and our RMD (Required Minimal Drawdown ). The only "downside" to this picture is that we are in our Eighties !!! Is this 'age discrimination?' We think it is. We own two homes: one has no mortgage at all; the other has a minimal mortgage, well below the current market price. We are highly educated, professional adults, retired after many long years of service. I am a Certified Social Worker and have an EdD in education. My husband has a PhD in Business Education. His Academic career included two very successful college/university positions. Are we being unfairly discriminated against?  View Gripe »

Tellers (3/16/16)

No Buisness tellers and not enough tellers.  View Gripe »

Checks (2/10/16)

My fiance opened up a checking account over a year ago and she never received checks which were supposed to come in the mail. Now bank of america is charging her for those checks. This is not right.  View Gripe »

Debit (12/20/15)

I was scammed by a fake tech support company-"Ayogi Support". B of A said I had to provide proof that I was scammed because the scammer provided B of A with a bogus electronic contract with my name on it stating that I agreed to pay Ayogi $149.99 plus a foreign charge!!! B of A denied my claim and believed the scammer!! I talked to the claims department by phone and convinced them to reopen my case. A couple days later I provided proof in print that this company scams people. Mine happened to be in connection with Netflix. I researched the internet and found an article stating that Ayogi support was a known scammer. I faxed the article to B of A, plus provided B of A the site address so they could confirm this. Then I got a letter from B of A saying my claim was once again denied because the evidence wasn't submitted in the required time frame. I faxed it all in right away!!!! B of A said I should contact the scammer to see if I could get my money back! Seriously??????? None…  View Gripe »

Poor Service (11/20/15)

We were finalizing the closing of my late Father-n-laws account with BOA at the NW Loop 410 Near Ingram Park Mall location. My Husband, had a sudden urge to use the restroom. When I inquired of the location for the restroom I was told they had no restroom facility for customers...We were told to go next door to the Jack in the Box and use theirs. I was shocked and could not believe this. I hurried to get my Husband back out to the car (He is disabled and uses a walker) but alas, he did not make it barely out the door when he lost control of his bowels. I got him in the car and proceeded back in to let your Representative, Carlos know what happened and I was so upset I could barely speak. I felt so humiliated and embarrassed for my poor Husband... If he had been permitted to use their restroom this would not have happened. How can a corporation of this magnitude not provide restroom facilities for their customers? Jack in the Box? Seriously???  View Gripe »

Banking (11/20/15)

Their website has wire transfer so we did one for closing a next day but Bank of America changed it without letting us know to an ACH, so we couldn't close on our new home with another bank because an ACH can be withdrawal with in 5 or so business days and the builder wouldn't take the risk of us closing them recalling the money, Bank of America had NO business changing our wire transfer to a ACH and NO where on their website or on the email confirmation do they tell you they did that either and they refused to correct it and asked us to leave the bank lobby!  View Gripe »

Credit Card and FHA loans and approvals (10/27/15)

Racial profiling  View Gripe »

safe depodit box (10/1/15)

sep 5th,2015 I closed safety box ,bank pay back the fees keys & rent.And sep 19th,2015 I closed safety box,bank only refuned the fee for the keys but not for the rent. Total 14 days BOA had 2 policies? I don' t understand same location 5295 S.Cooper Dr Arlington,TX76017 , same person,same service safe deposit box ,but different result,why? It not good customer service,I unhappy,depresed with it.  View Gripe »

home loan (4/18/15)

I am refinancing my home and your idiot bank has recorded my lot on my neighbors home......This has been in research and you are costing me money......get this taken care of.....I will be filing a lawsuite this week  View Gripe »