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Internet Services (10/26/15)

Our Internet has terrible latency issues and BTI has done nothing over the past 3 years to remedy the situation. They just keep saying we are checking into it. Many times I try a speediest and it won't even load!!! Consistently Everyday from 5/6am-9am, then 230/3-530pm and then again 8/9-12m we are unable to do anything on Internet. These are high traffic times and BTI doesn't have enough muscle to power it!!! They refuse to give any financial concessions during his period so we just keep paying their outrageous internet fees for zero service in addition to extra mobile data to make up for it. Our entire neighborhood is affected. Where do you turn for resolution? Other neighborhood residents have tried to get to the top on this but still nothing.  View Gripe »

internet and cable (9/10/15)

My internet has very large latency issues but i can not get a straight answer about what my expectations should be. I cannot recall a 5 month period where the channels i pay for have actually worked in the 3-4 years i have had their service. So far i have had to exchange the box at least once, have a new line put in, get resets done either at the store or at home 6-10 times. I lose some channels each spring and fall sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't. i have replace and setup everything in the house as they have suggested...nothing helps. They are unwilling to check the inside of the house for free, which they claim is the problem even though every other time it was THEIR equipment(outside or the box) at fault. I have left a message to have a manager call me on my cell, but of course that has not happened.  View Gripe »