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Phone: 801-967-7546


Balanced Skin Care Center
2970 W. Continental Circle
Salt Lake City, UT 84129
United States

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Category: Perfumes & Cosmetics -Toilet Preparations
Sub Category: Chemical, Plastics & Rubber
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Skin care (11/5/16)

I am not happy with the services Susan Tanner provides. I received a coupon for acne treatment and was not impressed by her methodology. I will be going back to Skin Care Charlie.  View Gripe »

In Home Skin treatments (6/22/16)

I was appalled by the Skin care treatment I has at Balanced Skin Care Center, located at 2970 Continental Circle, Taylorsville, UT. The provider does not know what she is doing and I am very uncomfortable going into a basement of a residential home for treatments. In addition, the place is difficult to fine, the drive is cluttered with boy toys and hard to get to  View Gripe »