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BackgroundAlert, Inc.
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Category: Information Retrieval Services
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credit card or debit card (3/13/17)

This is James Alexander, I am having a problem with my debit card, for unforeseen reasons, it was necessary to destroy my debit card on the existing account. Now I have sent a message to BackGroundAlert about my new debit card and now i understand my account is marked fraud. The debit card information is account#4833130034064501,expiration date is 05/2020,ccv code is 598. My telephone # is 773-305-2185.  View Gripe »

backgroundcheck (3/10/17)

scam scam scam run!!!!!  View Gripe » (2/3/16)

We were to receive 4 refunds. And only got 1. They were ok by 2 people. August thru November 2015 to First Merit Bank. Please deposit the other 3. My email is Thank you!  View Gripe »

background information (9/20/15)

eugene or. canceled account because i was using it too much,they closed it i meant. Icouldnt beleve it,this is the service they provide,fun for a while but i coudnt believe how much information was missing, wrong.signing up was made easy,getting out is incredibly troublesome!!!  View Gripe »

Background Alert (7/1/15)

Background Alert offered their services for $29.99. I declined that, so they offered a 5 day trial for $1.00. I agreed to that to see if they do what they advertise. Almost everything they offered, a person could get out of the white pages. The rest was inaccurate altogether including every person who they said was not married. They listed my mother as arrested in California. She has never been to California or arrested anywhere. I emailed them, telling them how worthless their service is and to discontinue any further service. They still charged my card $29.99. Don't fall for this scam.  View Gripe »