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Backflow recertification test (8/20/15)

I called this company for a backflow test required by Pomp Bch, after receiving an ad. Along with ad, was a coupon indicating that the test will be $60.00 with coupon. When the rep from the company was done he told us that the test had failed, and that it would be $85.00 for the test plus $350.00 to re-build valve. My husband was not comfortable with this person, so he asked rep to show him why it failed. My husband is an ASE Certified mechanic, and is very knowledgeable regarding flow and pressure testing of components. When rep tried to show test, it just wasn't right to my husband. We paid the $85.00 and told him to leave. I then went on the BSI website, printed out the 9 pages of their recommended recertification companies, had one test backflow, and it passed. Luckily my husband was knowledgeable, but there are many that are not, and could be taken advantage of by this company. I called company owner Joann Murry to speak to her regarding my situation, and she hung up on me.  View Gripe »