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Phone: 631-669-6000


B&G Electrical Contractors
7100 New Horizons Blvd
Amityville, NY 11701
United States

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Category: Electrical Work
Sub Category: Business & Consumer Services
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Electrical, heating, a/c, refrigeration (8/28/15)

This company has delayed us from having our electricity connected by JEA, with their bad costumer service operators, the only time they were helpful has when I placed the initial call to have an electrician come to my property and conduct a safety inspection, since the property had been vacant for 2 years, after that the costumer service women that answer the phones for this company, have made it a nightmare to have the worked needed to comply with JEA, delaying it with overbooking of the electrician, ordering incomplete parts for the repair, and being difficult in getting someone out to my property to make the adjustments JEA requests, this company has proven by all the people I have deal with that none have costumer service skills.  View Gripe »