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Category: Telephone Communication, Except Radio
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Bad cell phone reception? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how AT&T handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for AT&T are typically related to mobile cell reception, billing, U-verse internet, customer service interactions, upgrades, fee and surcharges, scheduling and appointments, and channel selection.

The AT&T Facebook page seems to be semi active and promotional in nature. They do not have their "Message" button activated which means that you cannot contact them through Facebook chat messenger, which is not surprising for a large wireless carrier.

AT&T has a verified, dedicated Twitter handle for customer service and listening to customer feedback. It has a large following, and is a very active and responsive account.

The AT&T Google+ page is similar to their Facebook page. It has a lot of promotions for service plans, upgrades, and specials.

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Direct TV (3/25/17)

Hello, I am the HOA President of Beaver Dam Village in Crown Point, IN. One of your Direct TV installers, Perry Latiker of Chicago, IL drove through our grass and tore up a large area of sod. Mr. Latiker said he was not insured, and attempted to get away before being stopped by residents. As we need to fix our grass, I would like someone from DirectTV / AT&T to contact us in order to pay for the fix. Mr. Latiker said he would pay, however I do not believe this will be the case based on the fact he tried to flee the area.  View Gripe »

cell service (2/17/17)

Corrupt AT&T is trying to charge me for a bill I already paid, so corrupt! This bill is dated 1-27 and shows a zero balance. In December of 2016 I switched to a prepaid plan with AT and T and cancelled after 3 weeks. In I have been with Verizon over a month now and they still keep trying to bill me.  View Gripe »

cellular service (2/4/17)

They are trying to charge me bogus fees after I closed my account and then keep giving me the run around when I contact them )-:  View Gripe »

cell service (2/3/17)

I paid off $320 on my last bill, got a refund check of $89, and now they are trying to say I owe another $140.00 They are a very unethical company.  View Gripe »

internet (12/29/16)

Crooked wont cancel my internet services, I called and cancelled a week ago yet they still show up in my wifi settings. This company is very unethical and lies and overcharges customers. #draintheswamp Very bad business practices.  View Gripe »

internet/phones down 5 days (fiber) (12/21/16)

Benicia, CA - our business was without internet and phones for 5 days. Turned in a ticket stating we were down completely on Friday - day 1 figuring they would work on it over the weekend. Day 4 Monday. Nothing works. Called on ticket. Girl says that's odd, the ticket you turn in should have generated an Internal ticket to get the right ATT Group on it. they didn't do that, nothing has been done. Gave me a new Internal ticket. This took an additional 1.5 hours to do and I was connected to three departments before they told me it was a fiber cable issue. ATT guy comes out (electronic guy I learned)...nothing wrong with his stuff. All this time not one call back or hint of what might be wrong. Next - Tuesday Day 5 - Fiber guy comes out. Goes into our room with fiber and states "you aren't getting any signal into the building. It's a 6000 foot run from central station to here so we need 3 hours to figure out what's wrong". At noon day 5 we are back up and operating.  View Gripe »

Cell phone service (12/6/16)

They took my money and turned my phones off. The bill was originally 767.00 I paid 746.00 due to them giving me a 21.00 and they shut my phones off. WORST, MOST LYING CROOKED COMPANY EVER. Off to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU I GO!  View Gripe »

cellular service (12/3/16)

I was being overcharged $80 a month so I switched to a $40 a month prepaid plan and was charged $315, can you explain this and refund me at once!  View Gripe »

cell phone service (12/3/16)

I was being overcharged $80 a month so I switched to a $40 a month prepaid plan and was charged $315, can you explain this and refund me at once!  View Gripe »

AT&T Email +1 855 338 0710 Customer Support Number (1)(855)(338)(0710) (9/29/16)

AT&T Email Customer Support Number +1 855 338 0710 AT&T Customer Support Number +1 855 338 0710 AT&T Help Tech Service Support Number +1 855 338 0710 AT&T Billing Customer Support Number +1 855 338 0710 Today’s life is messy. People are busy in their respective fields, building right way for a happy and comfortable life. In this process, they fail to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone around them. When it comes to reaching out to people or staying connected with business, email seems to be an ideal approach. Besides that these days email service providers offer multiple services understanding the requirements and needs of users. AT&T is a well-known telecom organization recognized for offering digital or computerized solutions in security gadgets, home based telephones, remote gadgets, messaging and web access. After collaborating with Yahoo, the search giant and major email service provider.  View Gripe »