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Starving and tired of waiting for dinner? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Applebee's handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Applebee's are typically related to wait times, food quality, waiters and waitresses, cleanliness, and food prices.

The Applebee's Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their "Message" button activated which may mean that you can contact them through a personal message, however, with a large following this could easily get lost in the shuffle.

Applebee's has a verified, company brand Twitter handle which is not used for Customer Service. There are multiple, local "branch" location Twitter accounts which tend to be inconsistent in how they respond to Customer Service issues. The corporate brand is active with a large following.

The Applebee's Google+ seems to be used minimally. It has a small following and seems slightly out of date.

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poor service (5/2/17)

I went to west branch , michigan one employee was braiding another employees hair in the dining room , waitress was bad no refills on coffee, manager ask how our food was it was not even on the table yet waitress never even set in down ,how is your food???????REALLY  View Gripe »

Bar/ manager (4/28/17)

Manager refused my ID in Westfield ma location due to it having to be taped because of being broke completely valid and scannable identification. I suggest an ID machine if your going to keep throwing money away by not serving alcohol to customers!!! This is one of many reasons why this restaurant has only a 6/10 rating !!!  View Gripe »

Entrees we not served together and 1 was wrong (4/8/17)

2 times we were there within a month and both times the service was awful. We all did not get our platters so that we could eat together. This last time I had the oriental salad and I had to tell them to bring it also. By then the fried chicken in it was cold. He said they forgot to bring it out. Very bad. My friends order was wrong, she got something else instead of green beans she ordered, but he did bring her green beans out to her. We never had trouble with service before, just this past year. Hope you fix it, we like the variety.  View Gripe »

Providing ID (3/24/17)

A week ago my fiancé and I decided to get dinner at our local Applebee's in Moscow, Idaho. My fiancé had ordered a Bloody Mary with her food and had given the waitress her ID to show she was of age, and a few minutes later the manager had come out to speak to us with the ID, and in rude and nearly patronizing demeanor stated that they could not accept her ID due to the fact that her ID was slightly bent. Not only was he unnecessarily loud in doing so, almost as if to make an example of it, causing much of the people next to us to stare, but the way it was approached overall completely lacked hospitality and gave the impression that we were providing a fake identification. We ended up leaving the restaurant immediately afterwards due to the amount of embarrassment it had brought us.  View Gripe »

Table Top Ad/"Money Maker" (3/24/17)

Wait! My wife just showed this to me! The game that everyone plays while sitting at the table and is pushed by your wait staff…we get charged a fee for playing??? Are you crazy? First you inundate us with your ads for drinks and food every place we look! Your menus are as overbearing as your ads! Next you place this electronic gizmo on the table (that weighs a ton, btw) that has ads all over it! Your wait staff says, "you can pay there and play a game while you wait for your meals!" (Looking around every person under 50 had one in their faces!) When the game is done…the gizmo sits there with a pulsating red light saying "PLAY AGAIN, PLAY AGAIN, PLAY AGAIN!" Finally I turned the obnoxious thing face down on the table so we could have some peace! Had we known it was a $2 charge we wouldn't have played the first time - but we're suckers for trivia! After our meal, after paying You asked me on the electronic satisfaction survey (via the…  View Gripe »

Watertown, SD Manager Rob (3/18/17)

Rob accused my husband of eating his "first batch of fries" that he never got, then snapped at my mother-in-law when she said she was going to call corporate and complain and he said "I don't care!" That man is horrible at customer service and should find a different line of work.  View Gripe »

Video game chargers (3/17/17)

My husband played a game that was on the table and it was not very apparent that there was a $1.99 charge. It should be made more conspicuous. We were at the North Fort Myers Restaurant. Thank you, Angela  View Gripe »

American Standard Burger, strawberries and yogurt, fries. (3/5/17)

Store: Ionia, MI Products: To-go American Standard Burger To-go Strawberries and yogurt side To-go fries We ordered carside to-go, and the american standard burger did not have bacon or pickles on it, the strawberries and yogurt consisted of maybe 1/4 cup of yogurt and 1 strawberry cut into 3 pieces, and the fries were very few. We expect to get what we pay for and get a reasonable amount of food when we order it. Totally unacceptable. And this is not the first time our food has been so skimpy. I doubt very much that we will ever order from Applebees again.  View Gripe »

Riblet (3/1/17)

Foley, AL you all need to bring back the riblet baskets. That's a staple of your restaurant and it makes me want to go elsewhere.  View Gripe »

Service (2/26/17)

Applebee's located on Baltimore Ave in College Park MD, arrived with a party of 5 the young lady informed us that it would be a 30-35 minute wait, I saw two empty tables and I jsaid why can't we sit at one of those tables and her reply was that we only have one sever working in that area and and if we were seated in that area it would be awhile before she could get to us, minutes later a party of 7 came in and she informed them that it would be a 45 minute wait, about 10 minutes later she seated them in the rear area that she told me that there was only one server working ,we arrived before them, she said they made reservations after about 5 more minutes she took us to the be seated and the tables had dead insects that resembles ants with wings, I asked the bartender to call the manager, I informed her of my issue and showed her the bugs, she did apologize , the sad part is that it was my son 13th b-day and he suggested this place. NEVER AGAIN happened 2/25/17 around 9:00 pm l  View Gripe »