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Local programmer (4/7/17)

This really isn't a gripe but more of an observation. My local ABC affiliate has blocked their programming from the Dish network. (here in Pittsburgh) The local station told me to switch providers, which I will not do and down the road what's keeping them from blocking other providers. My observation is that it only hurts the network. I watched ABC evening news and Quantico. I am now hooked to the CBS NEWS and won't go back to ABC NEWS. I have missed three episodes of Quantico and am not interested in catching up or returning to the series. I found a show I like better in that time slot on another network. My wife is hooked on the Today show and said she'll never go back to GMA. The longer someone does without the less they miss it. The local broadcaster Hearst is sacrificing viewers to the network because they are greedy. The are waves are free and laws by Congress has infringed on those rights. If I was the network I would be concerned. Thanks for your time. A former ABC viewer.  View Gripe »

Oscars (2/27/17)

Jimmy Kimbell's hosting of the Oscars wasa disgrace.!! Stick to your late night comedy Kimbel..!!  View Gripe »

The View (2/21/17)

How can a reputable and responsible network such as ABC allow Behar to denigrate our president and his family? Comments she made on Friday regarding his 10-year-old son we're completely out of line and highly disrespectful. Just vile and mean-spirited. He is now our president, and his family is the first family, and he does deserve respect. Not everyone likes him, not everyone agrees with him, but he and his office deserve our respect, and do not deserve for an establishment as large and as old as ABC to allow a host to publicly show such contempt for our first family, and in such a flippant manner. I personally stopped watching the View several years ago. Behar is just allowed to condemn anyone at all and I got tired of seeing that. She has no class or manners. I continue to enjoy Whoopie Goldberg and the others, but cannot abide Behar. Most of my friends feel the same. We are looking into the sponsors for the show and, as hard as it will be, we will discontinue buying these…  View Gripe »


Enough is enough stop this crap with Dish network.I want my General Hospital back NOW!!!!!! THIS IS A PISSER THE LONGER YOU TAKE WE WILL FIND OTHER THINGS ON OTHER STATIONS....Then well say bye Felicia to your station show the people watching your channels loyalty it was free with an antenna \  View Gripe »

The View (11/15/16)

I can't understand how you allow a show to continue when it is obvious that the only purpose it serves is to tear others down. These pompous women (and I cringe even calling them that) ride their moral high horse every day, and if their guest does not share their opinion then it's all over. For any sponsor's who have not yet pulled their support of this show, I am contacting them to let them know I will no longer purchase their products. These females are a shame to womanhood.  View Gripe »

election (10/13/16)

I am very upset that ABC has instructed all their stations not to publish the WikiLeaks info about Hillary. I have respect for our local Channel 12 but when they read a prepared script, they lose me. Your support for corrupt Hillary is a disgrace and I wonder how any networks can sleep, or have a faith in God. I pray every day that God will intercede and bring us to a great country again.  View Gripe »

Cristela (10/12/16)

WHY ON EARTH DID UOU CANCEL CRISTELA?? It was one of the funniest shows on tv. We've had to watch season one on Netflix again just because we all missed it so much! I'm going to boycott ABC TV because I'm so angry! You didn't even give it enough time for it to gain a following-- but everyone I know Loved It! Where are you getting your ratings from, because they're Wrong!!  View Gripe »

Sunday Morning with George S (9/18/16)

I've put this off for weeks but today passed all my ideas of debate, Do none of the Exs. running this program realize how HORRID Martha is as an interviewer. She is beyond hope or help. Please find a better person to use on your program.  View Gripe »

Nashville (6/3/16)

I HATE (& that's a strong word) abc cancelled Nashville , don't they get how great it was , it is a country lovers version of empire. Will be greatly missed! Unless someone else can please! Pick it up!!!  View Gripe »

Nashville (5/28/16)

Nashville is a favorite with so many of my friends, coworkers and family members. There's finally a drama that includes music along with great acting. What is ABC thinking when they get rid of top notch shows when there is so much garbage out there. I find it hard to believe the ratings were not up to snuff. I really hope another network picks it up.  View Gripe »