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Still waiting for the tow truck to show up? Here’s how AAA leverages social media tools to engage with customers online.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for AAA are typically related to poor service, especially in response to accidents varying in severity.

AAA’s Facebook page is used to promote traveling the country as well as spread public awareness campaigns. Customers cannot direct message the page’s moderators, however AAA is good with responding to complaints and feedback in the comments section.

AAA also has a Twitter handle which is used primarily for public service announcements. The page posts content regularly related to automobile news and the industry as a whole. It frequently responds to customer feedback, however not as actively as the Facebook page does.

AAA has a presence on Google Plus which is also used for awareness campaigns and sharing photographs of the American outdoors. Could AAA do a better job interacting with customers on social media? Let us know.

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Flight Booking from Perth Australia to Cebu Phillipines (8/25/15)

I book a round the world trip with AAA. Departure was from Orlando Florida to Australia, to the Phillipnes and back to Orlando The Departure date was June 10, 2015 with a return date of August 8, 2015. AAA travel agent indicated that the luggage would be based on 2 pieces per person per flight leg, This consistent with airline policies. However upon checking in Perth on our way to Cebu, the Singapore Airlien agent indicated that the flight from Perth to Cebu was booked on a per pound bases and not per piece. We were forced to pay $1,801.11 to continue our return flights. Discussions with AAA yield no comprise in resolving this issue.  View Gripe »

towing (8/8/15)

Cannot find Vail AZ: cannot locate shop: charged $5 mile to shop, even though one not available should be closest TA backed shop not 5 miles to nowhere  View Gripe »

lost a customer (6/10/15)

8-27-2015,had a bad experience with the so called famous AAA had to wait 2hours or so for a tow.the tow driver pass the st.i was on. ,look to me he had somebody in the passenger seat.then tow truck calls and said he was about 5 mins away .had to wait another 15 mins.the tow driver did not speak to me or ask how are you , or sorry for the wait, had a very nasty personality.he act like he was the one that suppose to be upset.i will not renew AAA  View Gripe »

Got buy AAA (6/10/15)

DO NOT GET AAA. Their service is ridiculous. I needed to tow my car from the road and after they said it will take 1hr,someone called me and said they tried calling tow companies but everyone refused. So they told me it will be little longer.I had my 11yr son with me at 9pm but that did not seem to make any effect on them. As a long time customer with prime membership I don't think they know what "urgency"or "roadside assistance" means. DO NOT BECOME A AAA CUSTOMER. This is the worst experience ever.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (6/10/15)

Bad experiment on battery repair tonight with AAA and not very happy with customer service after taliking with its supervisor on 8/20/15. I hardly call and when it gets the problem after paying many years of AAA service. This is what I get tonight and I suggest to replace the supervisor in duty tonight. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PARITICULAR AAA TECHNICIAN.  View Gripe »

Over charged (6/10/15)

've been a member for 21 yrs. I received 2 bills in the mail reminding me to renew for $151.00. I called to pay the bill they tried to overcharge me. The total was the over $180.00. They told me they had no access to see the bill they sent me ? and that I would have to send it to them to PROVE that is what the charge was and that I could? Be refunded toe $30. The representative knew exactly what to say, I'm sure they are told to do this. They try to explain it to you hoping you will just pay it. I was transferred to 3 other people and just got the run around until I got disgusted and hung up. Just received another bill in the mail with the higher amount. I bet tif I called them the would have access to that one!. I am done with AAA. Going to a different motor club. I would have paid the bill for the higher amount if they weren't so sneaky and underhanded about it.  View Gripe »

lost a customer (6/10/15)

My truck broke down on an exit ramp off the interstate yesterday in Sarasota @ 9am. (Transmission went out) I called AAA right away and they said it should be about an hour. Thought that was a little long, but waited. They called back when that hour was up, saying it would another hour before someone could come out. When I expressed my worry about how unsafe my location was, maybe they could hurry, the guy said; "Mama, if you feel unsafe call 911"..... Why couldn't they just come out in a reasonable time? I waited a total of 2 and 1/2 hours for the tow-truck. Because of the location of my vehicle, it caused a two car pile up behind me. Once a trooper and road traffic showed up, they said an old lady the day before broke down in the rain at the same spot. She waited 6 HOURS before AAA sent someone out to her. This is what we're paying for??? I will be ending services with AAA this week when I have time to call. I've been a customer almost 10years and my family for about 40years. I am…  View Gripe »

Dissatisfied (6/10/15)

8 degree day, had a flat tire, difficulty with car jack so we decided to call AAA. WE pay for it right? Called center and was told it someone would call us in the next 30 minutes and usually the wait time averaged 2hrs.?????? Waited and waited...decided to try it ourselves again. Changed tire and rode to local dealership to have them check the doughnut tire. During all of this no one has called the first time to check on us. Its been well over 30 minutes when I called to cancel the request. At least one of the parties involved was being professional. I don't know what was hotter my lack of patience or the 100 asphalt we had to work on the change the tire???? NOT satisfied at all!!!  View Gripe »

lost a customer (6/10/15)

As I am sure most of you know, you can't even get a person on the PHONE, I have been calling for 2 days now, only to re-new my membership. I want to give them $74.00. I am done now, if I can't get a person now, how do I get one when I have a problem.  View Gripe »

Bad service (6/10/15)

The service from AAA has been horrible this year. I don,t know what is going on in management. I have been a customer for many years and never had a complaint. This year my daughter had to wait 2 hours for a battery jump at midnight. I waited for a jump on my car at a mall a truck showed up but it was for someone else. Time to wake up !  View Gripe »