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Phone: 0800 689 3146


A2B Car Hire
Unit 2947, Chynoweth House, Trevissome, Park Blackwater
Truro, Cornwall TR4 8UN
United Kingdom

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Category: Passenger Car Rental
Sub Category: Equipment or Vehicle Rental
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Car rental (4/11/16)

Pretty much everything! Company should compete with the U.S. Rent a wreck franchise, but at least they're honest. Elderly Ford Focus with a flat battery and an alternator and clutch that didn't last half the 4 month contract not my idea of a "reliable car to get you from A2B" customer service that leaves you stranded when it breaks down and contractually obliges you to pay to return the broken down heap to its base. Note to self ;always read the small print, and never sign a contract with A2B.  View Gripe »