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A.O. Smith
11270 West Park Place, Suite 170
Milwaukee, WI 53224
United States

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Category: Heating Equipment, Except Electric
Sub Category: Machinery
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40 Gallon Hot Water Heater (3/22/15)

This A.O. Smith 40 gallon water heater was installed on June 9, 2009 to replace another A.O. Smith tank. It is installed in our garage. Last night it started leaking rusty water. (of course at midnight on a Sat. night!!) Our plumber stated that they no longer use A.O. Smith products due to customer "dissatisfaction". It is within the 6 year warranty period, and our plumber said they would replace but the labor charges aren't included & they don't have it in stock. We needed this done the next day, and we elected not to replace with the A.O. Smith tank, which apparently is still being used. I would never buy another A.O. Smith product.  View Gripe »