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Plumbing (11/5/15)

"A Good Plumber" in Brooklyn NY 11234, took advantage of a stressful situation I was in, not only to exercise price gauging, but to impose work that wasn't necessary at the moment and leaving me without gas, hot water and heat from March 11 to March 13th with temperature in the low 30's. Transforming a job that would have cost me $700.00 (the permit which was issued after he finished the job states repair a 30' leaky pipe) or less into a $6,935.00 job. I also found out he's very vindictive. Because I refused to pay the full amount waiting to come to some kind of resolution, he has since put a mechanical lean on my house, and also put a complain with NYC Building department, stating that there's ILLEGAL PLUMBING WORK BEING DONE, he was the only plumber who worked in my house!!!! I think "A Good Plumber" believes that his Master plumber license gives him the right to exercise scare tactic and price gauging with older people who leave alone!!!  View Gripe »