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Phone: 800-387-6001


A-1 Towing and Recovery Services
858 Nebo Road
Hamilton, ON L0R 1P0

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Category: Automotive Services, nec
Sub Category: Transportation (Car, Taxi, Bus, Parking)
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pay, driver (7/15/15)

A-1 Towing and Recovering I work for them and not getting paid. I worked 24/7 for two months and didn't even get paid. Then the pas two weeks I got screwed on my check. They don't not pay minmum wage also when II question them about my pay the blow me off. Then the other day thet made the remark that they owe me money but they can't give me a check cause they have no money in the account. There family get paid but me the tow truck driver don't. Please what can I do about this company. you can text me at my email cat_mil2012@yahoo.com.  View Gripe »