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1722 Routh St Ste 1000
Dallas, TX 75201
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Category: Grocery Stores
Sub Category: Retail (Grocery & Food)

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Is your Big Gulp too small? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how 7-Eleven handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for 7-Eleven are typically related to convenience store products, slurpees, customer service interactions, bathrooms, cash and checking, cleanliness, and other food products ranging from hot dogs to candy.

The 7-Eleven Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do not have their "Message" button activated which means you cannot contact them through Facebook chat messenger.

The 7-Eleven brand has a dedicated Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be very active.

The 7-Eleven Google+ seems to be out of date. It has a small following.

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My Life (1/12/17)

I'm asking for is help. I have been working for 7-Eleven for the last 4 months. I have always been a hard worker, very dependable and reliable. I recently chipped one of my teeth rather harshly, the nerve is completely exposed. It worsened into an abscess yesterday and is steadily growing. It is a majorly life threatening condition as I also cannot eat or sleep in this state. That and it could dislodge and move to my heart or brain which will kill me. When I asked my bosses and managers at 7-Eleven about insurance, I was told that only management gets insurance because Sales Associate is listed with the state as a part-time position. When I pointed out that this is unfair, I threatened to quit if no help was coming. My manager then proceeds to falsify my signature on forms that said I quit when I did no such thing. So they're willing to let me die to save a few bucks on payroll and insurance. It's ridiculous.  View Gripe »

gas (6/1/16)

Someone in your 7 eleven store has charged 30 dollars and i have not been in the store. I am going to the bank to get another debit card, but I want my 30 dollars back.My name is Shari Records. my email is:sharirecords@yahoo.com This has already happened to me back in April,2016. Jeff Grazetti helped me.Please get bak to me asap. Shari Records  View Gripe »

free coffee app (10/25/15)

Tried to redeem my free cup of coffee,,,the employee screwed up when he scanned,,,he then says no free cup,,,he takes coffee out of my hand and says leave,,,,,,he was rude beyond belief  View Gripe »

phone app (9/11/15)

Annie Oakley and Sunset Henderson,NV 89014 I bought a drink. They have a buy six get seventh free. They keep track on your 711 phone app. So I bought a drink and before I could give her my phone for her to scan the barcode to give me credit she said it was too late. She had no apology and spoke rudely. When I let her know that I thought it was unfair she flouted me with "have a nice day" sarcastically. Very poor customer service.  View Gripe »

Deer Park water (7/14/15)

The price for 2 33.8 ounces is $2.00 in Northern Va. Whereas the price for the same quantity is $3.00 in Prince Georges, MD.  View Gripe »

fourloko (5/26/15)

they sold me a drank had a hole in it  View Gripe »

Salas (5/5/15)

I went inside 711 to buy two salads they charge me taxes on salads that's not good can they charge taxes on salads or not  View Gripe »

Employer (2/19/15)

every check I received from this employer I had to return with complaints because the time card I was requested to sign was never accurate as far as my pay which was always a lot less, we'd argue through text then sometimes she'd pay in cash I never recieved my over time pay over extra dollar for overnight hours ,never recived my last paycheck and she told everyone that I quit and stop putting me on the schedule never revealing she secretly fired me  View Gripe »

Hot dog (8/28/14)

Cold hot dog  View Gripe »