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42nd Street Photo
378 5th Ave
New York, NY 10018
United States

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Category: Camera & Photographic Supply Stores
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Photography (7/19/15)

42nd PHOTO (in the city of New York): DO NOT make business with them! http://42photo.com There are A LOT of complaints against them on google. They will sell thing with very higher prices than the real price on their website. If you have problems they will be rude to you when you ask for the right thing or you rights. They will intimidate you! I saw they laughing at a woman after she stepped out the store. They will lie about the quality and prices! All their products come out of the retails boxes. They will sell battery that last 30 min instead of the originals batteries and will tell that the battery is better... NEVER make business with con-men from 42nd Photo!  View Gripe »