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Phone: 888-407-0407


407 ETR
6300 Steeles Ave. West
Woodbridge, ON L4H 1J1

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Category: Inspection & Fixed Facilities
Sub Category: Shipping, Delivery & Storage
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Transportation (8/18/16)

I had an account with 407ETR and 2 transponders to use when driving on the 407. I had set up pre-authorized payments using my checking account and it was fine for over a year. I decided that since I wasn't using the 407 at all, that it was not smart to keep paying for the transponders, so in May I contacted their customer service and asked for information on how to return the two transponders. They sent me a pre-paid label for Canada Post, and instructions. I sent them both back promptly. Following their receipt of the transponders, they continued charging my account for $5.37/month. I contacted them in mid June and asked for a refund and to stop all payments. I was told that they would do that. Lo and behold on July 6 I was charged again. After many back and forth emails with someone named Charlene, I got a PDF letter by email informing me that "a refund was in process". That was on June 25. As of today 17 August, no check, no refund, no explanation. I want my money back.  View Gripe »