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360 PSG was formed in 2005 when our founders were caught in the shutdown of their previous employer. The trio was concerned that their former clients' business would suffer as a result of the closure, so they self-financed a web design start-up in order to keep the websites online. They only produced three new websites that year.

Over the next 24 months, 360 PSG saw rapid growth in sales, development and staff. In 2008, we launched 156 new sites, and another 309 sites in 2009. Within 3 years, we grew over 5000% and hired a staff of over 20 full-time team members!

360 PSG continues to launch websites for businesses that range from small start-ups to successful and developed corporations. Much of this success can be attributed to our investment in building the Fission Web System and its lighter counterpart, the turnkey 360 CMS.
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SERVICE SCAM 360 PSG (9/30/15)

Paid $365 for a deposit on a simple website. took over a month for a call back. nothing but apologies and excuses. after 4 month i get a bill stating i had due $186 and still no website or anything completed or close to useable. beware of their scam contract they hide behind. No web site ,...wasted time nd lost money.  View Gripe »