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24/7 Locksmith in Tuscon, AZ
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Locksmith (7/25/15)

I got locked out of my home, 6011 N. Oracle Rd on 7/11. I contacted 24/7 Locksmith and they quoted me a price of $19.00 for the service call and $25.00 to open the lock. I said OK. The locksmith showed up with a receipt for $154.00. I told him that was the price I was quoted was for $44.00. He came already prepared to charged me $154.00. He could not pick the lock, (I thought that was what locksmith's did) so he drilled it. He forgot to turn the knob to the open position.When it came time to pay he handed me the bill for 154.00. I told him to call the office because there was a mistake. He said the office wouldn't accept his call until the card was charged. I was extremely angry and vulnerable. I don't think the man was qualified. He left and I was locked out again because he didn't turn the inside knob. I spoke with the boss, Mick,They all told me the same thing, I signed the receipt. Dont ever use this service. They ripped me off.  View Gripe »