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House wares (7/6/15)

My wife order me a Brew 2 Go mug and Moscow Mule mug from 1800housewares.com on 6/11/15 for a Father's Day gift. By 6/25/15 we still had not received any of the products. We received an email saying the Moscow Mule mug was back ordered but we would be receiving the rest soon. They offered a free infusion bootle for the trouble. We were told the back ordered item would be received by 1800housewares during the week of 6/28/15. We did receive the Brew 2 Go mug on 7/2/15 but it was damaged. I called customer service department today about the damage and the undelivered items. I was told that I would receive the Items sometime next week. When I asked for expedited shipping since we are pushing a month since the items were order the customer service rep got combative. She questioned why I was so angry since it was not my order. She Claimed they had thousands of customers with no complaints. I was told I could not get me my items on time and undamaged. The single worst customer service…  View Gripe »