What is GripeO?

GripeO is a customer service feedback platform. The GripeO website & mobile application consolidates and streamlines complaint submission into one fast and easy experience. We help to ensure your complaint gets addressed, and we work with businesses to make it right.

How does GripeO work?

You can submit feedback for any Business on GripeO, and notify them on Social Media that you're trying to reach them. GripeO also reaches out to the Business on your behalf. Ideally, the Business resolves your issue through GripeO. If not, we'll connect you with other companies who may make you an offer to earn your business. We do NOT share emails – everything is privately managed within GripeO.

What is the benefit of submitting through GripeO instead of going to the company directly?

Have you tried to reach a company lately? Non-stop transfers, dropped calls, difficulty understanding - and that's just on the phone. Companies move you all around - from email, to live chat, to social - and there's no guarantee any of those work. Social tends to get a response though... but the question becomes, do you want your followers reading about the fact that your socks developed holes in 1 week? That's where we come in. GripeO is convenient, it's private, and it's powerful.

Is it important to Share my Gripes?

Yes. Sharing your gripes dramatically increases their visibility. We've laid out the tools to pre-populate your issue, and even added an optional image with a meme builder. Remember the old saying "only the squeaky wheel gets oiled?"

How will I know when a business responds?

When a business responds to your complaint, we'll send you an email letting you know. If you're using the GripeO mobile app, you'll also see a badge on your app icon. Check back once in awhile though - we're actively building an exciting toolset to save you time, money, and frustration.

Can I use the web or mobile app? What plaforms is GripeO available on?

GripeO accounts can be accessed interchangeably on the web via the GripeO mobile app. Currently, GripeO is available on the Web, mobile browser, iOS, and Android.

What should the tone of my communication be?

You may have noticed there aren't a ton of long forms and fields on GripeO to fill out. This is on purpose. Remember when no one thought they could communicate in 140 characters? Try to be respectful and to the point with your complaint. If there's a place to be funny or sarcastic, it's when you can optionally meme your complaint image.

What happens if the Business ignores me?

GripeO has built the Internet's first "Complaint Marketplace." Ignored complaints are moved there when ignored. Sick of the way you're being treated at Store A? Store B has a coupon and friendly offer and is ready to earn your business - and it all takes place right in GripeO. Now that's awesome!

What happens if I'm unhappy with the businesses response?

Please try and be reasonable. We're working with businesses to remind them that "the customer is always right." Not every business will understand that. Over time, GripeO will work to develop new strategies and tools to increase the chance of a successful mediation between you and the business.

What if I have more questions?

We would love to hear from you with questions, suggestions, or feedback! No gripes though... JUST KIDDING! Please visit our Contact Us page or email us at info@gripeo.com

For more information you can also review our Terms and Privacy.


What is GripeO? How much does it cost?

To access the feedback GripeO has aggregated for your Business, GripeO is free. Even the tools to contact those users are offered to you at no cost. GripeO is a lot more than that though. Part help desk, part lead generation tool kit, GripeO allows you to purchase ignored feedback and contact that person as a lead. Our social monitoring package allows you to search and scrape Twitter for leads, or even create help desk tickets to take those pesky viral social media issues off Twitter. Feel free to review the GripeO PRO Pricing.

How does GripeO work?

After you complete account verification, GripeO takes the feedback it collects for you and organizes it in an easy-to-use database. We let you know with a quick email that a new gripe is on file, or an existing complaint requires follow up. Businesses can reply to gripes one at a time or in bulk. We suggest the use of coupons, discounts, and savings as a way to make issues right (while at the same time, earning returning new sales). Remember, the key thing that GripeO asks is that you respond to customer complaints within 2 weeks. If you do not, we reserve the right to share that feedback with competitive businesses willing to extend this basic courtesy to consumers.

How do I claim my free account?

Just visit https://www.gripeo.com/resolvesocial and fill out the easy verification form OR call us at 716.562.6381 and we'll get things started. It may take a few days at peak time periods, but trust us - we're on the job.

Why do I only have 2 weeks to respond?

Because waiting any longer begins to do material damage to your brand. Are you really asking this question?

How do I respond to an issue?

Once logged in to your account, you can respond to an issue by selecting the issue's ticket number in the table.

Can we have more than one user?

Yes. During setup let us know the names and information for the people on your team who will be using GripeO. If you're filling out the form, each user will need to add their information. Having multiple users does require a GripeO PRO account.

Can we add new functionality?

Do you have an idea? We're open to partnering with your business or industry to improve the fit of our easy-to-use collection materials. Just Contact Us to start discussing the options.

I already have a Help Desk. Do you have an API?

Yes - we have a variety of ways to integrate our feedback directly to the ERP, CRM, or other platform of your choice. Just Contact Us to get started.

More Questions? Contact Us